How can I benefit from Betrayal Trauma therapy?

Your partner betrayed your trust by going outside the partnership. What you are experiencing is a normal reaction called betrayal trauma – the emotional fallout and shattered trust from your partner’s behaviors.

Partners experiencing betrayal trauma experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress such as flashbacks of the experience when you first learned of your partner’s betrayal and fear or anxiety that it’s happening again.

The recovery process for partners with betrayal trauma mirrors the recovery process for the sex addict. While the addict works to address the root causes of addiction, partners do their own work by learning to take control of their lives.

A successful recovery plan serves as a guidepost for healthy living. ARI therapists who work with sex addiction are fully certified or working towards certification as CSAT/CPTT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist/Certified Partner Trauma Therapist). Contact us for more information on individual, couples, and group counseling options.

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