How can participation in group help with sex addiction recovery?

Sex, love and pornography addiction are most often accompanied by intimacy disorder.

This is a condition where an individual experiences significant difficulty forming and maintaining close and emotionally meaningful relationships. Those with intimacy disorders have often struggled from childhood to establish a safe environment and develop the relationship skills required for deep and lasting emotional connection.

Group work led by a skilled therapist provides a structured, safe environment for you to become accountable for your behaviors and learn important skills required for intimacy. These skills include tuning into your own emotions, active listening, humility, empathy, communicating feelings, emotional regulation, accountability, honesty, and seeing from another’s perspective.

Braving Humanty groups support your recovery in the following ways:

  • Learn to identify, process and communicate emotions

  • Connect with others going through similar experiences

  • Address shame and isolation through connection

  • Become accountable, honoring your commitments

  • Address adverse childhood experiences and trauma

  • Develop relational skills for intimacy and connection

  • Establish sobriety and maintain a relapse prevention plan

Research shows the recovery work goes deeper and progresses at a quicker rate when group is included in the treatment plan. Braving Humanity groups are appropriate for those at various stages of sobriety and recovery.

ARI therapists who facilitate sex addiction recovery groups are CSAT (certified sex addiction therapist) or have been trained by a CSAT. Please call 770-771-6900 to arrange a brief consult for group placement.

Braving Humanity groups meet weekly for 90 minutes and are led by a therapist. Group participants are also given access to our online content on a variety of recovery topics for a recovery boost between sessions.

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If you feel ready to brave humanity groups, please schedule an appointment today and we will pair you with a therapist.