What can I expect in a partner trauma group?

The anger, pain, and numbness are a normal reaction called betrayal trauma – the emotional fallout and shattered trust from your partner’s behaviors.

With support from your group, you’ll learn to manage triggers, practice self-care, and begin calming your nervous system.  You’ll work on overcoming shame, connecting to your values, and learning to trust yourself. Participation in group will also give you access to online content on a variety of recovery topics. Group members will also have the benefit of checking in with each other between sessions for additional support. Here are some components of your Braving Humanity partner’s group:

  • Attend weekly 90-minute meetings, led by a therapist

  • Access online content on a variety of recovery topics

  • Connect with others going through similar experiences

  • Learn to manage triggers and re-establish safety

  • Become educated on addiction cycles and trauma recovery

  • Process emotions and establish healthy boundaries

  • Understand prodependency & release shame

  • Make important decisions about your future and relationships

Recovery brings many gifts. These gifts come as we show up, dig deep, and brave this human experience together!  Couples in recovery benefit by each attending their designated recovery group, where you’ll learn to communicate and understand your trauma and addiction cycles. Contact us to inquire about openings for our Braving Humanity groups.

Braving Humanity Groups

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