What is Cereset?

Cereset is a non-invasive brain-balancing technology and wellness process.

Cereset provides auditory feedback to the brain in real-time, enabling the brain to self-adjust and find its own natural and balanced state. A balanced brain supports you in five areas:

  • Mood Stability

  • Energy

  • Stress Fitness

  • Sleep

  • Mental Clarity

During the Cereset process, you’ll lay back and relax in a comfortable chair. EEG sensors will be placed on the scalp to detect brainwave activity. The brain’s patterns are analyzed to identify imbalances. You will hear your own brainwave frequencies translated into sounds through headphones – in real time – as you relax, with eyes closed. Hearing itself, the brain is able to adjust to achieve a more optimal and balanced state. 

After learning about this revolutionary technology, we opened a Cereset center next to ARI in order to provide this non-invasive wellness process for our clients and community. 

Lear more about the process here. Cereset.com

To schedule a process, call Cereset Sandy Springs at 770-299-8460.

Relax. Reset. Rebalance. To schedule a process, call Cereset Sandy Springs at 770-299-8460