How did my relationship get so complicated? Can it improve?

A relationship is a dance.

It can feel complicated when you’re stepping on each other’s toes, or not moving in sync. There are typical, unhealthy patterns couples often fall into, and valid explanations for the patterns you’ve developed as a couple. Learning about attachment and communication styles, love languages, and relationship cycles will de-mystify your current patterns, opening the way for creative, new ways of moving together through life.

You may work with your therapist to address complex challenges including:

  • Resolving cultural differences

  • Repairing relationship injuries

  • Balancing conflicting needs and desires

  • Delaying gratification by controlling your impulses

  • Navigating external stressors

  • Adapting to changing dynamics

  • Conflict resolution

  • Interdependence

  • Mutual growth

Couples Therapists

The following ARI therapists specialize  in conflict resolution.

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