Shouldn’t my relationship be free of conflict?

Conflict is not your enemy. Conflict is a natural part of any meaningful relationship, providing opportunities for deeper understanding and connection.

The conflict between you opens doors for personal growth when you stop yourself from falling into old patterns and learn new, healthier ways of interacting. Your therapist will guide you through practicing the following:

  • Establish safety for open communication

  • Choose the right time and place for discussion

  • Take ownership for your feelings

  • Practice attunement & develop a soft start-up

  • Empathize and validate your partner’s feelings

  • Practice active listening, staying focused on the issue

  • Create new options for problem solving

  • Use repair work to heal past relationship injuries

  • Learn to take ownership and apologize

  • Seek and negotiate mutually beneficial solutions

Remember that what matters most is not the number of disagreements you have, but how you handle them. Your ARI therapist will help you move towards a conflict resolution process that is honest, respectful, and mutually beneficial.

Conflict Resolution Therapists

The following therapists specialize in conflict resolution. 

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If you feel ready to resolve conflict in your relationships, please schedule an appointment today and we will pair you with a therapist.