Can couples therapy save my relationship?

The right time to come to couples counseling is – when you decide you want to improve your relationship. In couples therapy, the relationship is the client.

The therapist consults with the couple to define the problems they want to address and identify desired treatment outcomes. The therapist will ask each partner about their history. The treatment plan generally includes a path for healing and building connections to strengthen the relationship. Strategies are provided for the couple to resolve conflict and learn new ways of interacting with each other while increasing intimacy and connection. ARI therapists draw from a variety of techniques for couples counseling including:

ARI therapists draw from a variety of techniques for couples counseling including the Gottman method, emotionally focused therapy, imago relationship therapy, and systems therapy.

Areas of Expertise

Using positive psychology and mindfulness practices, we promote wellness and good self-care for holistic healing of body, mind & spirit.  How do you cultivate love and connection?  What can you do about troubled or toxic relationships?  Finding answers to these complexities elevates relationship and life satisfaction, and helps us live more whole-heartedly.

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