Our Institute was founded by marriage and family therapists.

We recognize the various systems our clients are a part of, and see the holistic context in which behaviors and symptoms occur.

Systems therapy recognizes that change is possible within the system, although it may be met with resistance. We are prepared to work with the resistant family member, meeting them where they are to establish the relationship, communicate feelings, and open possibilities for change. We help individuals and families build resilience and adaptability to navigate challenges and introduce healthier patterns.

We encourage you to be involved in your child’s life and therapy. Children and teens benefit from emotionally nurturing time with parents, even though they may act as if they don’t want it. Your therapist can share strategies and tips for setting limits and creating emotional safety in the home.

Our offices are equipped with family therapy rooms, a play therapy room with sand tray, and board games and activities for teens. Activities are directed by the therapist to encourage communication, connection, and expressing feelings. Your therapist may be able to provide movement or art-based activities as well.

Family, Teen, and Child Therapy

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