How might an impact letter help me heal?

This letter is a tool used in therapy for those who have experienced the betrayal of infidelity, deception, or any other significant breach of trust. The letter is addressed to the person who caused the injury by their behaviors.

The impact letter helps you express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions surrounding the traumatic event or ongoing situation. The impact letter provides the opportunity for you to begin your healing in the following ways:

  • Identify the specific actions that affected you, and the losses you have sustained as a result.

  • Communicate the emotions you have experienced through the discovery process.

  • Share concerns you have about your partner’s behaviors and the impact on you and the family.

  • Express the ways in which this has affected your beliefs about yourself and others.

  • State needs you have in your own recovery work, self-care, and healing process.

  • Set boundaries and expectations for future behaviors and prevention of further harm.

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