Can my relationship recover from infidelity?

Couples can and do heal from infidelity to build even stronger relationships. Taking ownership for their actions, partners learn to make amends and begin rebuilding trust and connection.

Your recovery as a couple will build upon the individual work you have both done as you learn to:

  • Process Intense Emotions

  • Repair Relationship Injuries

  • Communicate Feelings

  • Set Boundaries and Establish Safety

  • Clarify your wants and needs

  • Identify shared values as a couple

  • Practice empathy and attunement

  • Begin rebuilding trust and connection

This is a challenging and transformative process.

Relationship Recovery Therapists

These ARI therapists provide couples with structure and support for affair recovery.

Ready for Help...  Ready for Healing...

If you are ready to begin relationship recovery, please call our office to be paired with a therapist.