Josh Cushing – Therapist, LCSW

Josh believes in the inherent worth of all individuals and strives to bring this out in his clients through a practice based on compassion and empowerment. He works with children, teenagers and adults in individual, couples, and group sessions. Josh’s specialties include recovery from compulsive pornography and sex addiction, betrayal trauma, OCD, and PTSD. He has a background in working with those with autism, and enjoys this population. Josh uses a variety of modalities including EMDR, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Core values he incorporates into his work are shame resiliency, accountability, and cohesion.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • EMDR.

Therapy Specialities

Trauma EMDR

While processing the memory with a tapping device, the memory is integrated into the client’s normal memory. Negative or maladaptive beliefs attached to the memory are then replaced with more adaptive, positive beliefs.

Anxiety & Depression

Although anxiety and depression are two distinct mental health conditions, they often coexist and share some common features. These symptoms can overlap, and individuals may experience both anxiety and depression simultaneously.

Sex Addiction Therapy

The recovery process involves exploring your behaviors and what’s at the root of your emotional pain. In therapy, you’ll be accountable for your behaviors as you learn to identify, regulate, and express your emotions.

What do all those initials mean?
  • ACS – Approved Clinical Supervisor
  • CAP – Certified Addictions Professional
  • CRC – Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Ed.D. – Doctor of Education
  • Ed.S. – Education Specialist
  • LAPC – Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor
  • M.Ed. – Master of Education
  • MS – Master of Science
  • MSW – Master of Social Work
  • NCC – National Certified Counselor