Atlanta Relationship Institute

Therapy & Counseling services for Families, Couples and Individuals that provide relief and comfort.

Atlanta Relationship Institute provides psychotherapy through our core values of IntentionalityWellness and Connection. Men and Women, couples, families, adolescents and children come to us to improve their mental health and strengthen their relationships.

Meet Our Therpists

Marilyn Witbeck


Marilyn uses a positive, strength-based approach to work with individuals and couples.

Jennifer Kuck


Jenni takes a compassionate, solution- focused approach in working with all ages to provide individual, couples, and family therapy.

Dr. Melinda Paige


Dr. Paige’s person-centered approach to trauma recovery honors the strength and resilience of survivors.

Angie Dustin


Angie works with all ages to provide individual, couples, and family therapy.

Catherine Schueman


Catherine Schueman is a Licensed Master Social Worker with more than 20 years of clinical experience in substance abuse, sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dena Astin

Healing Touch

Dena Astin is also a healer, providing Healing Touch, an alternative method for healing body, mind, and spirit

Dominic Beaufeaux


Dominic builds strong and open therapeutic relationships with clients of all ages. He specializes in working with adults and teens to overcome pornography and sex addiction, gaming or substance addictions, and life or career transitions.

Eric Dakake


Eric spent 20 years in Corporate America, most recently running his own consulting firm prior to becoming a therapist.

Jenny Contrares

Therapist Intern

Jenny has an academic background in international studies, with an emphasis in human rights. She has always been interested in serving, so becoming a family therapist is a big part of her life purpose.

Josh Cushing


Josh believes in the inherent worth of all individuals and strives to bring this out in his clients through a practice based on compassion and empowerment.

Jodi Stulak


Jodi’s main focus is empowering couples and individuals to tackle problems and life challenges.

Kathleen Browning


Kathleen believes in building a strong therapeutic rapport and fostering unconditional positive regard.

Kimberly Mendez-Gomez

Bilingual Therapist

Kimberly dedicates herself to providing the best possible service to her clients in English and Spanish.

Margot Howard


Margot has a passion for helping her clients navigate their struggles and access positive emotions such as happiness and joy.

Miranda Thornton


Miranda forms a collaborative relationship with clients, empowering them to gain awareness of their needs.

Nicole Del Vecchio

Therapist Intern

Nicole believes that we each have the innate capacity to bring about change in our lives.

Nicole Jones

Therapist Intern

Nicole has long been drawn to the healing arts. Over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse, she’s worked with new mothers, surgical patients, and adolescents.

Sierra Crowe


Sierra believes her clients have great capacity for self-actualization and taps into this inner wisdom by exploring higher planes of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual awareness.

Ready for some Help…  Ready for some Healing…

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