How do I know if I have a sex addiction?

Are you living a life of secrecy and lack of personal integrity, causing pain to yourself and others?

“When someone is addicted to sex, they cannot stop the behavior, even if they want to and even if they experience life consequences as a direct result… Sexual behaviors are used to discharge emotion, increase emotion, or re-create unresolved adverse developmental experiences… A sex addict is at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, financial ruin, legal troubles, shattered personal relationships, loss of reputation or career, and an ever-deepening self-loathing and mistrust.” TINSA, Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction, Integrative Life Network.

By increasing your ability to connect with others authentically, you can overcome the pain of withdrawal and experience the fulfillment of living with:

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Healthy Relationships

The recovery process involves exploring your behaviors and what’s at the root of your emotional pain. In therapy, you’ll be accountable for your behaviors as you learn to identify, regulate, and express your emotions while beginning to establish sobriety from problematic sexual behaviors. You’ll then continue the deep emotional work of recovery from early attachment wounds and dysfunctional family patterns.

Sex Addiction Therapists

These ARI therapists are trained in sex addiction recovery

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