The Trauma Competent Clinician Level 1 training on Basic Trauma Competency Skills is taught by Dr. Melinda Paige, and this is the first of four trainings to work toward becoming certified as a Trauma Competent Clinician by the Institute for Trauma Competency. This training can also be a stand-alone training as an introduction to working with trauma while doing therapy. Many clients come into therapy with a history of some type of trauma from their past that is keeping them from making the gains in therapy that they would like to accomplish. In this course, you will be introduced to effective ways to work with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives. You will leave the training able to keep the client stabilized and safe in therapy as they reprocess their trauma and create new meaning that will help them more effectively move forward to living a more comfortable life. You will be introduced to how to diagnose trauma and the mosts current literature to be aware of to effectively treat trauma.