The Trauma Competent Clinician Level 2 training on Trauma-Specific Skills taught by Dr. Melinda Paige, and is the second of four trainings to work toward becoming certified as a Trauma Competent Clinician by the Institute for Trauma Competency. This training can be a stand-alone training which addresses the neurophysiology behind trauma and trauma treatment modalities. You will leave the training able to understand and practice interventions that address traumatic beliefs and meanings assigned to self, other, and the world post trauma. You will leave the training able to incorporate techniques to increase coping and emotional regulations skills in your clients as they learn to manage trauma related symptoms, reprocess traumatic memory, and develop a coherent and linear trauma narrative. You will also be able to incorporate clinical skills that maintain connection and “do no harm” by using minimally invasive interventions, thus ensuring the emotional safety of both practitioner and client while keeping the client emotionally present during the reprocessing of traumatic memory.